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Neurology Brochure Program Panel 10/6/14
This infographic was created for a Neurology health education program. It's always a challenge to work in the extreme vertical dimensions of this panel. Labels and callouts pointing to the areas of the brain wasn't working, so we ended up doing a color coding approach. This kept the illustration clean but also communicated the neccessary content. We wanted some kind of Neurological related information that would be attractive and could educate patients and be a possible reference for doctors. The scope of Neurological diseases was vast, so we settled on highlighting the areas of the brain and their basic functions. That way the panel wouldn't exclude anyone's condition and be a simple vessel of interesting information to the patient.
Accu-Chek Nano Brochure Holder Concept 2/18/13
This was a concept for a brochure display in doctor's offices. Not only would it contain a brochure about the product, but it would have the real Nano meter attached too. To accomplish this I came up with the idea of using the exsisting client creative of a hand holding the meter. This would allow a place for the real meter on top of it, but also would allow the design to work if the meter was stolen or lost. Click image to see full document.
Most Common Cancer 11/25/12

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 11/25/12

A1C testing 11/25/12

What To Do For A Cold Or Flu 11/25/12

Healthy Advice 2011 Exam Room brochure covers 4/4/11
Above are the cover designs to Healthy Advice's 2011 Exam Room program. The program is basically a display of free brochures, in doctor's office exam rooms. They cover various medical topics depending on if it is a primary care, pediatrician, gastrologist or urinary care office. Click the image to see a random sample of covers.
Life and Tests-Osteoporosis 4/4/11
Life and Tests is a segment promoting various medical screenings like bone density, cholesterol, diabetes ...etc. They all feature the same title intro and follow a similar graphic style. I generally use simple illustration and try to create interest via animation and camera movements. I chose to put osteoporosis on the site because I really enjoyed animating the scene where the type crumbles, exagerrating what happens as you lose bone density. It was definitely time consuming to animate but I was pleased with the result.
Health Quick-Overactive Bladder 4/4/11
Health Quicks are a new initiative at Healthy Advice. Above is a print ad that utilizes a QR code, You scan the code with your smart phone and it redirects you to the video below explaining overactive bladder. After the video, it is set up to play the RX brand's television commercial. The video was a total team effort. Katie Merz wrote and refined the script (as well as just about every piece on this site). Clint Woods did the lion share of the motionography work. I provided art direction and created the cartoon portion of it.

Healthy Advice Magazine 4/4/11
Here is the latest Anatomy 101 page layout and illustration I worked on. Along with the magazine column we have started building animated versions to run on Healthy Advice's Waiting Room program. You can see the animated version of it below.

3D Octopus Concept Art 1/9/11
I'm always trying to push my knowledge in Zbrush because I rarely get to use it. This was a project I did using the various techniques I've learned. After creating the 3D model, I used the Paintstop plugin in Zbrush to get the ilustrated look. From there into Photoshop to build the overall layout of the page. A sort of Da Vinci-eque Biological textbook..
Cincinnati Union Ironworkers 10/31/10
A direct mail communication for the Cincinnati Union Ironworkers.
Healthy Advice Magazine 09/01/10
Here is the latest Anatomy 101 page layout and illustration I worked on. Pretty much the same format as the ones below.
Billy Blooddrop 04/16/10
Billy Blooddrop is a character I created a few years ago for Healthy Advice Networks. He intially was used to explain how high blood pressure works. It was very well recieved. He finally has made a return appearance, explaining why knowing about cholesterol is important.
Alpha-1 test 03/29/10
This is an animated piece for getting an Alpha-1 test from your doctor. I created this one going for a Saul Bass style. I think it turned out well, but I should have pushed it further and had more going on. Doing something that looks simple can be a challenge. It can be difficult to manage a simplistic art style yet try to make it look professional and at the same time keep the retro homage that I was going for.
Healthy Advice Magazine layouts 03/29/10
These are the magazine articles for the 3D work I did below. I worked with a designer named Sue Scandrett on the layouts. Which was kind of tough with asthma because we had the imagery first and had to work up a layout around it. With GERD, the design had already been establish so, it was a bit easier having that in mind as I worked.
Acid Reflux 03/29/10
I didn't realize that I hadn't updated this site since December. So I thought I better get on it. Here is another 3d render I did for Healthy Advice magazine.
Bronchial Tube 12/02/09
Here is another ZBrush model and render. This time a bronchial tube and aveoli. This was done for a magazine article explaining what happens when you have an asthma attack. The magazine should be out in Spring. I'll post the page design when it is finished.
Dust Mite 12/02/09
Above is a 3D render of a dust mite. I built the mite entirely in ZBrush 3.5. This is probably the most complex model I've built to date in ZBrush. I think he turned out really nice.
Varicose Veins
Here is a new editorial piece, I put together on varicose veins. It uses a
combination of After Effects and Flash animation. My coworker (Clint Woods)
and I shot video of ourselves as the construction workers.
Vitamin D
Another piece I did for Healthy Advice a few months ago. I really like working with this old Victorian era medical clip art. The skill of the illustrations are amazing.
This is the latest piece I did for Healthy Advice. Still learning After Effects.
Billy Bloodrop
Here is a quick 3D render of a character I made for Healthy Advice. His name is Billy Bloodrop. He was originally done in a 2D style, but I had some time and remade him in Zbrush.
Scarlett X-Mas card concept 06/08/09
This was a Christmas card I never got around to finishing. I will try to finish it up this Christmas, of course, I have another daughter to add now.
Diabetes Eye Problems 06/08/09
Here is the latest segment I did for work. It is about diabetes related eye problems. Uses mostly Flash but has a bit of 3d and AE work in there too.
Kid Cola - 06/07/09

One of the characters I made for Healthy Advice. He was featured in a segment about watching your calorie intake. Drinking regular soft drinks can add a lot of empty calories to your diet.

New site 06/07/09

I'm always coming up with portfolio concepts that I never finish. Too much day to day work with kids, a job and a house. I also always endlessly debate with myself how to execute ideas and that adds to them never being finished. If fact the page you are looking at is one of those portfolios. I decided I would take the initial design and turn it into a quasi-blog news page. A place where I can post the work I do on a semi-frequent basis.

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